Human Ventures

Human Ventures aspires to navigate the social fabric and work with Social Communities for delivering various benefit programmes which can be monetized through participative technology platforms with well-defined and laid out processes, involving the members of the community who personally get associated in operations and execution through our two technology enabled verticals viz. Community Connect and the Fintech vertical - Community Credit.

Community Credit

After a very detailed assessment we identify Communities from its existing relationship engagements and through a meticulous manner, for rolling out our Fintech vertical – Community Credit. We actively involve the members of the community who personally get associated with the processes, operations and execution of the various types of loan products for its members including collection of EMIs.

Human Ventures will then initiate a detailed process of involving the community committee. This helps us in democratising the whole process and handpicking the right opportunities helming all the stakeholder’s interests. 

Community Connect

The Community Connect vertical initiates the relationships and deepens the connect with identified communities. The main purpose an individual engages with the community today primarily is for Matrimony. As a part of the community connect programme, the first initiative that Human Ventures engages with any community is providing a technology platform to the community for conducting Matrimony. This gives us a very deep understanding and first hand access of the community composition and internal dynamics with respect to power and influence of the community on its members. It also gives an informal insight into individual behavior and intent of community members. Establishing this platform gives us several opportunities to engage with the core members of the identified community like the managing committee, core members, opinion makers and establishes a mutual trust.

The Community Credit Relationship

Our end customer sourced is through a community network gets introduced in the system through a multi level reference and this creates an identity and reference check which is integral to the system. This typical customer is one who:

  • Has not generally or formally borrowed as there was never a need to borrow but the requirement of borrowing has arisen in the present
  • Does not have a clear and established record with the credit bureaus
  • Has intent and capacity to pay back the loans
  • Has all the necessary documents for processing a loan from the bank’s perspective

This customer today borrows from informal sources and pays a very high interest rate as high as 2.5% - 3% per month and despite paying the dues in time doesn’t get the benefit of interest and principal payment track record history. We want to introduce this customer to the formal credit system.