Community Credit & Capital

We work with Large Communities involving their members to deliver financial inclusion for Nano Enterprises in the form of Credit and Capital. We call this Democratic Finance and Deliver Livelihoods


Community Engagement

In-depth involvement with members to induct entrepreneurs by creating an operations team of elders and women from the community for delivery


Sourcing Credit & Capital

Engagement with financial institutions to secure funds for this innovative and democratic financing process


Education & Monitoring

The platform delivers on the basis of financial education and discipline followed by need analysis. The Advance Storm Warning System ensures in-time reporting


Delivery Impact

Inclusion of Nano Enterprises, Creating employment and income substitution. Serving New Enterprises. Restricting Urban Migration

Traditional Banking Delivered with Technology Leverage

Last Mile Connect and Relationship with Customer is the Key Framework of Traditional Banking. With Technology Leverage and the India Stack, the Community Credit & Capital Model becomes ones of the most cost effective delivery systems for financial inclusion.


Community Credit

Community Credit Programme is for existing Entrepreneurs in the Community


Community Capital

Community Capital is for New Entrepreneurs from the community which we intend to nuture with an innovative investment process


Engagement & CSR

Via Community Connect Programme we work closely with the members on creating non-commercial platforms that bind the community together.

Community Credit & Capital Dissemination

Human Ventures was founded with a vision to organize and involve individual communities and create a platform for lending to the nano enterprises of the community largely run by community members and involving them to create avenues for activity and incomes


Creating Scosystem

We work with communities with a well organized structure who hold member elections and undertake formal allocation of duties and responsibilities


Creating Incomes for Community

This solution is created for Customers not entertained by the banking system today

The platform has been designed with a strict discipline of delivering credit solutions by the elders of the community


Nano Enterprises

Nano Enterprises still are at the mercy of loan sharks. They are neither served by MFI nor the MSME Loans from Banks. In the first phase we aspire to serve this huge market.

Our Vision

Human Venture’s Community Credit & Capital platform will work with communities involving the elders an women members of the community who will personally get associated with the processes, origination, operations, execution and deliver at the last mile. This helps us in democratizing the whole process and handpicking the right opportunities helming the stakeholders interests. This will bring about financial inclusion to the most deserving Millions of Enterprises with proper handholding

Our Mission

To create an inclusive community lending and financial services platform which can be run on a Banking as a Service model, where we will initiate all the lender and investor tie-ups and create a playbook which can be adopted by the elders and women from the community to create their specific and self-managed lending / investing platform after a brief mentoring. After well monitored pilots we endeavor to take it to different communities across the country which can serve 10 Million Nano Enterprises.